waffle software

The following software is freely available and still works at the time of this writing but is unsupported and not actively maintained by me. For years I kept meaning to set aside time, but it didn't happen and the chances are not improving. Do not expect any updates.

Most of the source code is available. Take what you want and do something great with it.

Shortcut Recorder component

The Shortcut Recorder project is still run by the Shortcut Recorder community.

Growler for Google Notifier

Plugs into Google Notifier to output Growl notifications instead of its own version.

Did you know: Previously known as Google+Growl and Gmail+Growl. The first plugin into Gmail Notifier for Mac.

Broken: Could handle calendar notifications better.

Latest waffle software release: Download v3.1

Currently maintained by Rudy Richter on Github

Hex Color Picker

A color picker plugin for the Mac OS X color panel to read out hexadecimal colors.

Broken: Despite numerous tries to figure out the right thing to do to handle calibrated colors, I could never get it to do the right thing.

Alternatives: Developer Color Picker does more in a slightly less crystal clear package.

Latest waffle software release: Download v1.6.1

Source code available in a zip


Create services for Mac OS X.

Did you know: Created at the request of John Gruber, well-known Daring-this-or-the-other.

Alternatives: Automator.

Latest waffle software release: Download v3.0.1 · Download Starting Points

Source code available on Github


Search the web from the menu bar.

Broken: Uses a Google search API that has been deprecated and not replaced with anything approaching useful. The search engine discovery is apparently moody and doesn't deal well with ajaxified sites (where the search happens without "jumping to another page").

Alternatives: Swing a cat in the Mac App Store (I have heard things about something called Alfred) or search from the location bar of your browser.

Latest waffle software release: Download v1.6.2

Source code withheld. It's a mess. There's a rewrite that never went anywhere because of the Google API problems. Any of the details are available on request if you're interested in something.


Quick hack to generate random messages by scraping the chat logs kept by Adium and feeding your messages through a Markov chain generator (tech for "finds out which words are mostly commonly used in sequence and is able to use that to build new sequences that look quasi-plausible").

Broken: Terribly, I assume. It's a quick hack.

Latest waffle software release: Download v1.0

Source code available on Github

All of the above software was written by me, Jesper, from 2005 to about 2013. I did it for fun. Thanks for the kind messages, the donations, the discussions about features and ideas and interfaces and needs. I'm sorry I couldn't do it all. I hope you're still happy with what you got.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.