Search the web easily and quickly

What's all this, then?

Monocle is a search tool designed for the way you search. Monocle hangs out in the menu bar and you bring it up with one hot key. You can easily switch between engines to search exactly where you'd like to. Google, Wikipedia, Bing, YouTube and Yahoo! may be preloaded, but you can add any search engine (or web site with a search function) you'd like. For example, if you wanted to be able to search, you'd tell Monocle to add an engine, go to and perform a search for a specific word, and now you can search That's about as hard as it needs to be, right?

That's not all there is to Monocle, though. As you type, suggestions and preliminary results (both from Google) appear in a list right below, so that you can hone your query or go right to a result and cut out the results page. What's more, programmers can add new sources of suggestions and results with an API right in Monocle, and once they do, you can download them and make use of them.

And of course, Monocle is customizable. You can choose a color for the search panel itself, a color and icon for each engine, and you can select on an engine-by-engine basis which if you want suggestions and preliminary results and in which order. You can even assign magic words that you can type to quickly jump to a specific engine - "callwords", we call 'em.

What about searching Google in other languages?

Stay tuned.

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